Dear Nightingales....

Written on 06/08/2012, 13:06 by TomCox
Many thanks for the services you provided, you did a great job and enabled Mr M to spend his last days at home, where he wanted to be. C Leach.

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Training For Care Warrington

Nightingales Home Care is an Approved HABC Centre.

We provdie full training in each of the following:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Emergency First Aid (at work)
  • Food Safety
  • Medication
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Adult Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Skills for Care

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Respite Care

At Nightingales, we have a lot of respect and empathy for the regular caregivers, who sacrifice a lot of their time, energy, personal wishes, money etc to take care of someone they love .We advocate a short break for such caregivers as we know that caring for elderly, chronically ill, or a disabled family member is emotionally, physically and mentally very demanding and draining. For this reason, we provide respite care. We have professionally qualified carers on our team who will seamlessly take over the care giving role for any length of time.

Respite care provides short-term relief to the primary care giver and helps them to relieve stress, restore energy and regain balance in their life. Respite care is not only beneficial to the primary carer, but also provides a positive/healing experience for the person receiving care.

Studies have proved that respite care helps to provide sustenance and ensures well being of the primary care giver thus strengthening their relationship and quality of family life. Respite care also brings down the possibility of abuse and neglect by providing a time out to the person who may be exhausted handling a very challenging and demanding role of being the primary carer.

Your respite care need may be varied depending on the reason. It could be for a few hours when you need to attend to some other chores or for a short time while you take time out for a much needed vacation. Just let us know and we will figure out how best to provide you with respite care. Our experience in providing respite care over the years has helped us to develop a unique, quick and efficient ability to do a need analysis and give the right recommendation.

We understand your concerns when you wonder whether it would be a good idea to hand over the care of your loved one to a stranger. All we ask you to do is to go through our client testimonials, meet our staff and make an informed choice. We are sure you will choose us for your requirement as we offer the best in class respite care services that are sensitive, affordable and professional. Contact us and we will be glad to take this further.