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Written on 28/11/2011, 21:16 by alisonemery
Just a note to say thank you for the care and support you gave to my Mother during her last few weeks. The Carer’s were very sensitive to Mum’s needs and the needs of the family.The family are truly grateful, Karen

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Training For Care Warrington

Nightingales Home Care is an Approved HABC Centre.

We provdie full training in each of the following:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Emergency First Aid (at work)
  • Food Safety
  • Medication
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Adult Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Skills for Care

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Dementia Home Care Warrington

Dementia care

Dementia is fast becoming a common condition affecting a lot of people. People needing dementia home care have a reduced ability to learn, reason, retain or recall past experiences .There are emotional and behavioral changes that get progressively worse and it takes a lot of patience and fortitude to deal with them. Providing dementia home care is a challenging task and specialized training is required to take good care of dementia sufferers.
At Nightingales Warrington, the Managing Director, Alison Emery and Business development and Operations manager, Neil Fitzpatrick both have completed a certificate course in Dementia Awareness. This course has equipped them with skills necessary to understand dementia and the different care techniques associated with the condition. They have trained the rest of the staff on the same and we keep sharing with each other any new developments or care techniques in dementia home care on a regular basis.
20 -30 % of dementia sufferers also have depression and need extra support and counseling to help them. Our qualified care staff is fully trained to recognize such cases and                              do the needful. Therefore, once you hire us, you can be sure that you are in good hands and your loved one will receive the best dementia home care and timely treatment whenever required.
We also carry out home adaptations which make it safer, easier and convenient for the person under care to move around the house. The patient also feels independent and “in control” at least in his/her own home. Our staff makes sure that the person receiving dementia home care is provided protective supervision and their daily intake of meals and medication is monitored.
Dementia home care offered by us is provided either through Warrington Council’s Adult Services / Social Services or by private arrangement with Nightingales Home Care. To know more, please contact us and we will carry out an in-home assessment to determine the best plan of care for your loved one. We are here to help and would be glad to help you.

We urge you to speak to our specially trained staff and arm yourself with the right knowledge and techniques about Dementia home care. Do feel free to contact us in case you have any information and support enquiries regarding Dementia home care services and we will be glad to assist you on 01925 652 800

Updated Tuesday, 10th September 2013