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Written on 28/11/2011, 21:38 by alisonemery
Nightingales visit my parents, both in their nineties, once a day at tea time.   Both of them now look forward to this visit and the social contact it brings them.  The carers are always willing to have a chat with them as well as carrying out their allotted tasks.  There are regular review meetings involving me, my parents and Neil to discuss their changing needs and how best to deal with these.  From the beginning, I have found Nightingales very reliable, helpful, sensitive and flexible and would have no hesitation in recommending their services. Best wishes, Cathy

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Training For Care Warrington

Nightingales Home Care is an Approved HABC Centre.

We provdie full training in each of the following:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Emergency First Aid (at work)
  • Food Safety
  • Medication
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Adult Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Skills for Care

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Thank you for your interest in working for Nightingales Home Care, Warrington.

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 JOB TITLE:        Community Carer

ACCOUNTABLE TO:    Senior Care Coordinator


1.    To provide a Service of Care to clients to enable them to lead as independent a lifestyle as possible. This Care Service will involve a program of personal care and household management that is personalized for each client in the form of Care Plan. Care duties will therefore include assisting the client with the following activities and in so doing will at all times observe and respect the client’s dignity, privacy and independence as far as practical:

All duties listed below are subject to previous agreement at the care plan stage – therefore only duties written on the service users care plan to be undertaken.

1.1    Personal Care:
1.1.1    Dressing and undressing / preparing the client for Day Care or trips out.
1.1.2    Washing / bathing / showering / shaving / grooming / cleaning teeth.
1.1.3    Hair care (washing / brushing).
1.1.4    Nail care (fingernails only).
1.1.5    Toileting and all aspects of personal hygiene.
1.1.6    Continence management.
1.1.7    Care of pressure sores (under appropriate nursing supervision).
1.1.8    Getting in and out of bed.
1.1.9    Assisting with the use of Aids to Daily Living / rehabilitation Aids, as required.
1.1.10    Helping with rehabilitation programs, as prescribed by Healthcare professionals.

1.2    Healthcare – assisting the client with prescribed medication. As per Policy No: 310

1.3    Dietary Care:
1.3.1    Preparation of snacks and meals according to the clients likes / dislikes.
1.3.2    Assisting with feeding, as required.

1.4    Domestic / household Services:
1.4.1    General clearing of areas used after meal preparation
1.4.2    Bed-making.
1.4.3    Clearing refuse and rubbish.
1.4.4    Laundering / hand-washing / as required.
1.4.5    Fuel Management.
1.4.6    Shopping, and the preparation of shopping lists.

1.5    Personal Services:
1.5.1    Assistance with personal Finances, to include paying bills, collecting pensions.
1.5.2    Personal diary Planning (birthdays / anniversaries etc)
1.5.3    Democratic rights (voting cards etc).

2    To confirm to all Policies and Procedures laid down by the Organisation in respect of carrying out these Care Duties and in other administrative aspects of the business, as relevant.

3    To participate as directed in Induction Training and regular In-service Training programs.

4    To maintain accurate, concise and timely records of client care plans, time sheets and mileage sheets.

5    To participate in Staff, Team and Quality Management Review Meetings as directed by the Home Care Services Supervisor or Manager.

6    To report back to the home care Services Supervisor or Manager or any aspect of client care which he / she feels warrants investigation or urgent action.

7    To participate in reviews of cliens’ Care Plans as required.

8    To be aware of the tasks and activities which must NOT be undertaken as part of care duties, as set out in Policy 1.1.

NB. This job description offers general guidance only to the range of duties and responsibilities of the Home Care Worker. These duties and responsibilities will vary according to the needs of Nightingales UK LIMITED and the needs of the Service User. It will be reviewed periodically, and as a result, alterations may be made.

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