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Written on 02/12/2011, 16:57 by alisonemery
Nightingales carers have been visiting my mum at her home twice daily since she was diagnosed with Alzheimers about a year ago. Since both myself and my sister live a considerable distance from her, it has been reassuring to know that Nightingales staff are making these visits, and helping to keep her safe in her own home, where she very much wants to stay as long as possible. I have met many of the staff at Nightingales, both carers and management, and have found them all to be helpful, friendly and responsive to our needs during these challenging times for our family. Furthermore, after initially being quite resistive to receiving this kind of help, my mum has formed strong relationships with many of the visiting carers, and indeed now looks forward to seeing them. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. Jez CravenSurrey

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Training For Care Warrington

Nightingales Home Care is an Approved HABC Centre.

We provdie full training in each of the following:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Emergency First Aid (at work)
  • Food Safety
  • Medication
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Adult Protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Skills for Care

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Electronic call monitoring

Nightingales Home Care have invested in a state of the art IT system which allows us to electronically monitor our visits.

Easy to use

The Electronic call monitoring service is a wonderfully convenient and simple service to use. There is no need for our Carers to carry along any bulky equipment or for the client to install any special contraption at home.

Once the Carer reach the place of duty, all they need to do is make a simple phone call from the service user’s phone, to a free 0800 number, dial in their unique ID number, allowing the dial tone to ring twice and replace the handset. This easy process lets the manager know that the visit has begun. The Carer just needs to repeat the process at the end of the visit so that the visit gets automatically confirmed within CareManager3, our in-house computer system.

Secure & Resilient

All our customers can be assured of secure and resilient service from Nightingales Home Care. At no point of time personal data of the staff or the service user is accessible to any unauthorized person.

To cover all failure modes, our IT provider has invested in a resilient infrastructure and have a second mirrored system at a separate location. In case of any unlikely disruption in service or unavailability of the primary system, the backup system takes over so that the service user doesn’t have to face any inconvenience or break in service.

Peace of Mind

Electronic Call Monitoring has a wide range of Alert facilities which get automatically triggered when:

  • A VISIT IS OVERDUE –In case a Carer is late by 15 -30 minutes and does not arrive within the tolerance time limit, the system triggers an alert and identifies the service user at risk.

  • A VISIT OVERUNS – Whenever a visit exceeds the normal allocated time, the system sends an alert. This helps to identify the need for a review assessment to alter the care plan and also helps to maintain workforce safety by helping to identify any care assistant at risk.

  • CARE STAFF HOME SAFE – Care assistants can choose to make use of the facility to confirm they have arrived home safely after the end of their shift, providing Lone Worker Support and peace of mind to family and employers.

  • C-SCI – Information required by CQC automatically populates relevant reports (AQAA, HH1 etc).